LA522 Energizer Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery

LA522 Energizer Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery The advanced Lithium 9 Volt battery from Energizer The Energizer Lithium 9 Volt battery is a great, long-lasting battery for smoke alarms and other detection systems. It utilizes high-powered lithium technology, is non-rechargeable, and boasts a 750 mAh capacity. Did you know? There are over 152 million devices powered by 9 volt batteries in the market today Smoke alarms drive nearly one half of all 9 volt sockets Toys and clocks account for another 1/3 of total 9 volt sockets 3 state or local ordinances require a 10 year battery for smoke alarms: Lousiana Oregon Madison, WI Uses for 9v Lithium: Fire alarms and smoke detectors Parking meters Garage door openers Back up power for digital and alarm clocks Carbon monoxide detectors Electronic scales Radio controlled devices Medical devices Professional audio devices Infant monitors Security and alarm systems SportDOG Brand® In-Ground Fence Collar: Add-A-Dog In-Ground Fence Collar (SDF-R), Receiver In-Ground Fence system (SDF-100A), SportHunter 1200 (SD-1200), Transmitter (ST-100S), Part# PAC11-12067 Features and Benefits: 10 Year Service Life ANSI Compliant Dimensions: Eliminates Device Fit Issues Works In Temperature Extremes: -40F To 140F Lightweight: 33% Lighter Than Alkaline 9V Non-hazardous Solid Waste
  • Item #: LA522
  • Manufacturer: Energizer
  • Condition: New
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