Falcon 12 Inch Jensen Jet Speaker 16 Ohms

Falcon 12", Jensen Jet Speaker 16 Ohms


        Overall Diameter: 12"
        Rated Power: 40 Watts
        Lows: Tight/Fat
        Mids: Firm
        Highs: Smoot

        Warm, straightforward tone with a pronounced low end. When presented with overdrive distortion, it presents some mean fuzz.Warm and full bodied tone with lows that are rich and fat. It responds to overdrive distortion with a colorful crunch. This speaker has a new style of secret, magical cone that is designed for optimum tone no matter what kind of music.

  • Brand: Peavey
  • UPC: 014367124613
Falcon 12 Inch Jensen Jet Speaker 16 Ohms
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  • Item #: P-A-JC12-40FA16
  • Manufacturer: Jensen
  • Condition: New
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