Emerson Les Paul Vintage Short Shaft

The Emerson Les Paul Vintage Prewired Assembly is the perfect way to upgrade most American or Import Les Paul type guitars. The Emerson paper-in-oil Capacitor, high quality potentiometers and special volume control mod gives great tonal range and a warm vintage sound. This kit has the "Vintage" wiring style in which the tone capacitor is wired between the volume and tone pots rather that grounded directly to the tone pot. The vintage wiring gives great interaction between the volume and tone control, greatly expanding the tonal possibilities. For import guitars you may need to drill out the holes in the body to accept the 1/4" shaft American potentiometers. These kits feature: CTS 500K Split shaft pots (3/8" length bushing) Switchcraft Jack (2) Emerson Paper-in-Oil .022µF capacitor (2) Volume Mods (restistor/cap network retains clarity as you turn down, no more mud!) Vintage cloth covered wiring Instructions

Emerson Les Paul Vintage Short Shaft
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  • Item #: Emerson Les Paul Vintage Short S
  • Manufacturer: Emerson Guitars
  • Condition: New
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